New Zealand

New Zealand joined GDHP in 2018

Health and disability services in New Zealand are delivered by a complex network of organisations and people. Each has their role in working with others across the system to achieve better health for New Zealanders.  The Ministry of Health is the government’s principal advisor on health and disability policy, leads New Zealand’s health and disability system, and has overall responsibility for the management and development of that system.  The Ministry’s Digital Health Strategic Framework guides the use of digital technologies and data to support a strong and equitable public health and disability system. The framework does not take a directive approach to implementing digital health services; it incentivises the adoption of interoperability and other enablers and encourage organisations and individuals to act in a way that allows for collaboration, cooperation and innovation and makes success highly visible.

Nodal Officer

Darren Douglass
GM Digital Strategy and Investment
Data and Digital, Ministry of Health

Representation in GDHP work streams

1 Clinical and Consumer Engagement


2 Interoperability
  • Alastair Kenworthy
3 Evidence and Evaluation -
4 Policy Environments -
5 Cyber Security
  • Matthew lord
Ministry/Organization Name: Ministry of Health

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