Netherlands joined GDHP in 2018.

The Netherlands healthy and well. This is the motto of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS). The ambition of the Ministry of VWS for digital health is to enable the right care at the right place. With the right data, in the right way, at the right person. The Health Information Department provides the frameworks and incentives for trustworthy, safe, secure and accurate electronic communication between health providers, patients, payers, researchers and innovators. The Netherlands is a small country with a thriving and innovative digital health ecosystem and the ambition to be a global leader in applying cold technology for warm, personal care. The Netherlands currently co-chairs the eHealth Network, the European collaboration of member states on cross border interoperability and health data exchange.


Nodal Officer

Erik Gerritsen
Secretary General/Vice Minister
Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport
Ron Roozendaal
Director of Health Information  Policy

Coordinating Officer Name:

Herko Coomans, 
International Digital Health Coordinator

Representation in GDHP work streams

1 Clinical and Consumer Engagement
  • Herko Coomans
2 Interoperability
  • Herko Coomans
  • Robert Stegwee (contractor for IPS) 
3 Evidence and Evaluation
  • Herko Coomans
4 Policy Environments
  • Herko Coomans
  • Anmar Toma 
5 Cyber Security
  • Herko Coomans
Ministry/Organization Name: Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport of The Netherlands

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